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A Study on Insulation's Positive Impact on Energy Efficiency & Emission Reductions

Time: 55 minutes
Level: Beginner
Free for NIA Members

A study on insulation’s positive impact on energy efficiency and emission reductions (Emissions Study) revealed groundbreaking data that showcases mechanical insulation as a technology that should be implemented first when beginning energy-saving and emissions-reduction plans.

The study objective was to answer two questions:

1. How much energy is saved, and GHG emissions reduced over time by using mechanical insulation systems in the higher operating service temperatures in the commercial/building and industrial market segments?

2. Conversely, how much is at risk or lost due to under-insulated areas in the higher temperature market segments?

During this webinar, you will learn how this study proves the massive role that insulation can play in our country and global goals to save energy and reduce emissions.

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Ron KingNIA Consultant and Past President
Ron King is a Past President and honorary member of the NIA, the World Insulation and Acoustic Organization, and the Southwest Insulation Contractors Association. He is a 50-year veteran of the commercial and industrial insulation industry, during which time he held executive management positions at an accessory manufacturer and specialty insulation contractor. He retired (2004) as the Chairman, CEO, and President of a large national insulation distributor/fabricator. He currently serves as a full-time Consultant to the NIA ( on a variety of educational, outreach, and governmental initiatives, including coordinating association alliance-partnership activities. He is a Past Chairman of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ National Mechanical Insulation Committee and Consultative Council. He also is NIA’s liaison to the Federation of European Insulation Societies, which represents the European mechanical insulation market. Ron is the current Head Instructor for NIA’s Thermal Insulation Inspector Certification Program™ and is a frequent industry author and speaker.