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Selling in a Virtual World

Time: 60 minutes
Level: Beginner 
Included in the Premier Training Subscription

It is no secret that virtual selling has been crucial to businesses surviving the pandemic. In the B.C. era (Before COVID), a virtual sales call was probably a Plan B when the client could not meet in person. Now, the hybrid salesperson—someone who can control the meeting and close the deal in both virtual and in-person settings—is the future of selling. Learn how to identify and overcome virtual challenges and create a plan to succeed.

Issues addressed:
  • Communication challenges when some parties are live and others are remote
  • Reduction in quality of relationships in virtual settings
  • Dealing with distractions for remote meetings/conversations
  • Inability to conduct a site visit or gather project specs

  • Learn to shift your mindset to adapt to the current environment
  • Establish a process for selling to minimize roadblocks and disruptions
  • Change what you use to measure success
  • Create a plan to address all your selling needs

Anyone responsible for any part of revenue generation or business development in an organization from sales professionals, sales managers, account managers, project managers, and estimators to business owners.

Greg Orth • President, Sandler Training
Greg Orth is the President of Sandler Training located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Sandler Training is a leading sales training and leadership development organization. Greg works with all size organizations who are focused on and committed to personal and professional development. The people and organizations that he works with are often either frustrated by inconsistent sales results and constantly chasing deals and prospects or frustrated that their managers and leaders don’t have the tools that they need to be effective. Greg helps clients identify their gaps and blind spots and utilizes proven systems and methodologies to make them more efficient and effective and ultimately drive revenue and profitability.