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Understanding Specifications

37 Course items

Time: 6 hours
Level: Intermediate • PDHs: 6

During the course participants will be taught how a specification is developed; to identify challenges and opportunities created by specifications; how codes, standards, regulations, and guidelines are intertwined in specifications; how conflicting information in specifications could be problematic; to understand the consequences of a “bad specification”; and how increased knowledge of mechanical insulation and insulation inspections can improve specifications.

- Module 1: Specification Overview/Introduction
- Module 2: What Is a Specification
- Module 3: Codes, Standards, Regulations, Guidelines, and Drawings
- Module 4: Differences Between Commercial and Industrial Specifications
- Module 5: Examples of Mechanical Insulation Specifications
- Module 6: Consequences of a "Bad Specification"

The course has been designed to benefit multiple audience segments involved in the design and application of mechanical insulation for both new construction and maintenance. You will have a greater understanding of specifications after taking this course, regardless if you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran.

  • Contractors (Estimators, Sales Representatives, Superintendents, Project Managers, QA/QC, and Inspection Personnel)
    Interpreting a specification and identifying potential conflicts are vital in the bidding/award process and execution of a project. This course will examine the interpretation process and how it could impact your project strategies.
  • Distributors/Fabricators (Sales Representatives, Estimators, and Management)
    After this course, you will be able to use your greater knowledge about specifications to act as a resource and improve your ability to serve your customers.
  • Engineering and Design Professionals
    Learn to look at specifications through the eyes of all the other parties, learn to avoid potential conflicts, and understand how to improve future specifications.
  • Facility Owners
    Gain an introspective view of specifications that will help you improve project and maintenance specifications.
  • Manufacturers (Sales and Marketing Representatives)
    Learn how to assist those involved in the specification development process and improve your ability to achieve your objectives

A professionally printed full-color course manual, specification examples, and additional printed industry resources. Students who attend the course will also receive a certificate of completion with 6 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits.

After purchasing his course, you will have 30 days to review and complete the course.