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Understanding Mechanical Insulation

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Time: 2 days
Level: Intermediate • PDHs: 13


December 4-5, 2024 (Virtual)
Registration Deadline: November 14,
Register online or through the PDF registration form


A 2-day intermediate-level course for those who have some experience in the insulation industry to help make them more knowledgeable about mechanical insulation, the industry, and its products.

NIA’s Understanding Mechanical Insulation includes a review of the insulation industry market segments; the need and importance of inspection; the purpose of mechanical insulation systems and why that is important to the inspection process; primary insulation materials and protective coverings; the importance of Safety Data Sheets; and codes, standards, regulations, and guidelines, and how they are intertwined.
Click here for a sample agenda.

NIA's Inspector Certification is developed for individuals who have good communication skills as well as the following:
  • Have successfully completed the online Mechanical Insulation Basics course (formerly known as “Mechanical Insulation Education and Awareness Campaign E-Learning Modules,”), resulting in an initial understanding of the principles and fundamentals of insulation and insulation systems, types of insulation products, mechanical insulation science and technology, maintenance, and more. The fee for this course is included as part of the registration fee, and a link to take the onDemand course will be sent to attendees after registering for the course.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in commercial and/or industrial construction, process, and maintenance industry, inspection, or related fields
  • Good communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment; and
  • The ability to recognize potential basic safety concerns during facility visits and insulation system inspections.


Students will receive the following materials shipped to their preferred address: a professionally printed full-color course manual. Students who pass the exam will also receive a completion letter.

  • NIA’s Understanding Mechanical Insulation exam is taken on the second day of the course.
  • The exam has 50 questions and will cover information that was discussed in each section.
  • Students must score 70% or higher on the exam to earn their completion certificate.
  • Students who do not score at least 70% on each exam will be notified by NIA about how to retake the exam after the class. Retake exams can be taken at a Prov testing center, and more information will be provided by NIA.
A computer (Mac, PC, or Chromebook) with a recent operating system (less than 3–4 years old) that has either Chrome or Firefox installed and a consistent Internet connection capable of uploading files larger than 3 Mbps. A web camera and microphone required for course participation and the exam, but this is standard on most laptops. Click here to review the exam manual..
If for some reason a student is not able to complete the online exam, the student will be allowed to take the exam at the Prov Testing Site (visit
for locations) of their choice within 3 months after the course. NIA encourages students to take the online exam.