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Insulation Energy Appraisal Program™

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Time: 2 days
Level: Intermediate • PDHs: 13

March 20-21, 2024
Registration Deadline: March 4, 2024
Register online or through the PDF registration form

November 12-13, 2024
Registration Deadline: October 24, 2024
Register online or through the PDF registration form

A 2-day advanced/certification-level course that teaches students how to determine the optimal insulation thickness and corresponding energy and dollar savings for a project. This refreshed course is designed for participants who have industry experience and companies that want to expand their business capabilities by adding insulation appraisals to show insulation's return on investment to their customers. Participants will learn how to conduct a facility walk-through, understand the tools necessary to complete the appraisal, and how to create a final report for customers. Students who pass the exam will become Certified Insulation Energy Appraisers. Click here for a sample agenda.


The IEAP is developed for individuals who have good communication skills, experience in commercial and/or industrial construction, the ability to read construction drawings, understand the fundamentals of insulation systems and products, can recognize basic safety concerns during a facility visit, are mathematically inclined, and have basic computer literacy.

A newly designed, full-color professionally printed course manual, 3E Plus software, Microsoft Excel custom spreadsheet, and a final report template. Students who pass the exam will also receive a certificate, lapel pin, and marketing kit.
Materials required for class participation include: laptop computer (no Macs) with Excel software, Windows operating software (XP, Vista, or version 7 or newer), and 10 MB of available space.

The certification exam is 50 questions covering information discussed in the IEAP course and materials. Students must score 70% or higher to pass and become a Certified Insulation Energy Appraiser. Students who do not score at least 70% will be notified by NIA about how to retake the exam.
A computer (Mac, PC, or Chromebook) with a recent operating system (less than 3–4 years old) that has either Chrome or Firefox installed and a consistent Internet connection capable of uploading files larger than 3 Mbps. A web camera and microphone required for course participation and the exam, but this is standard on most laptops. Click here to review the exam manual.
If for some reason a student is not able to complete the online exam, the student will be allowed to take the exam at the Prov Testing Site (visit
for locations) of their choice within 3 months after the course. NIA encourages students to take the online exam.